About Us

Few words about us

Global trading is the engine of our business. Our planet's energy is the resource we trade in many different physical forms. Most activities at ALG are driven by trading. More than simply a thread linking every aspect of what we do, trading is the conduit through which we receive and share vital market information, maintain the balance and flow of our liquidity, and forge lasting, rewarding relationships with customers all over the world.

As physical traders, we have first-hand experience of economic fundamentals and stay well informed of developments on the ground. Our renowned performance and service expend the globe growing business relationships one customer at a time. Our pride and expertise provide us the ability to solve complex projects with quick, effective and transparent solutions. Our partnership model is based on collective responsibility. We assess risk exposure on the ground as we monitor the relationship between cause and effect in local markets.

Principle Activities

  • Trading in a wide range of fuel oils and among others, coal and commodities.

  • Exploration and mining of coal and manganese

  • Socio-economic infrastructural development projects.